Right this minute...

…there are 1.7 billion moms, dads, teenagers, grandmothers, bloggers, realtors, artists, teachers, fitness trainers, dog lovers, bargain-hunters, CEOs, COOs, C-level expats, celebrity-worshippers, coffee fanatics, gluten-free bakers & fashionistas on Facebook. 313 million on Twitter, 433 million on LinkedIn and 500 million on Instagram.

There’s a vivid conversation about you, your business and the future of your industry. It’s happening online. And it’s going to spiral and flow whether you join in, or not.

There are no media gatekeepers. You can take your message, your talents and your offerings straight to the people. But you’re going to need a plan.

Diving into this is a lot like learning a language. You can hire a translator-for-life, or commit to becoming fluent. Whichever course you choose, it’s about the evolution of your business identity — your image, in action. Your message, in motion.

Ready to dive? Consider me your coach, interpreter and community guide…

Who we work with:

  • People and organizations that want to spark and sustain conversations about their products and services, stop ‘pitching’ (and start connecting), and shine brightly in a super-saturated market.
  • Successful businesses who want to establish social media and public relations guidelines for department leaders and staff, galvanize their fanbase, and engage with customers at a richer, more informative level.
  • Marketing, branding and communications agencies whose clients need social media strategy and guidance as part of their comprehensive game plan.

What we offer:

Targeted Social

A cost-effective way to reach your people where they are.


A thorough audit of your social media presence, whatever platforms you’re using.


Your message in an easy-to-read, visual format. Great for displaying online.


Social media direction, profile clean-up, foundational techy training and serious accountability.


An in-person or online coaching session, totally customized to your questions + needs.


Continued social media direction, profile maintenance, content creation and audience engagement.


Bring Alexandra in to speak

I love teaching people about how they can find their audiences and connect with them.
I do this through the individual services I offer, and also through speaking gigs. Formats range from all-day social media workshops
with a company’s employees to brainstorming sessions for nonprofit organizations to onstage presentations for industry conferences.

Click below to drop us a line about speaking opportunities.

Some brands we've worked with:


  • “Can you help us advertise on Facebook?”
    Definitely! I love Facebook advertising because it allows precise targeting. You can get started for a very small investment, so you can try it out without making a huge commitment.
  • “My company offers a service that’s only useful within very specific industries. Can we use social media to get in front of the decision-makers at the right companies?”
    Yes — LinkedIn. (And it isn’t only about your LinkedIn profile.)
  • “Can you help my company use social media at trade shows? Can we connect with people at an event we can’t attend in person?”
    Yes and yes!
  • “Do I need to be on Pinterest? I keep hearing that it drives a lot of sales.”
    Maybe — it depends on what you do. If you’re in fashion, absolutely. Software, probably not.
  • “I want to use Instagram to promote my business but I don’t think my photos are very good. And how do I connect with other users?”
    I can make your photos better or can coach you on how to do it, and I can also teach you all of the techy stuff you need to know about Instagram.


alexandra GO is:


Alexandra Golaszewska


Alexandra Golaszewska (go - la - shev - ska) is a publicity strategist. For her, the job is one-part detective work, one-part story-shaping, one-part tactical planning, and just the right balance of hand-holding and empowerment.

For two decades, she has worked with top-notch creative people in advertising, design, PR and marketing. Her clients span a wide range of industries — they have ranged from celebrities to landmark destinations; from liquor brands to retro candy manufacturers — but the principles are always the same: Keep it interactive. Illuminate your most fascinating qualities. Become a trusted resource. And keep an eye on the horizon.

She’s a Philadelphia native, a graduate of Drexel University and the Episcopal Academy, and prefers to get around by bicycle.


Ross Cameron

Design & Communications CoordinatoR

Ross was born with a pencil in one hand and a sketchbook in the other. The son of a painter and an art college president, good design and great aesthetics are hard-wired in his brain along with an incurable sweet tooth and a love for nature.

An alumnus of Bard College in the Hudson Valley, New York, Ross is an experienced graphic designer, with a background in writing, communications and running social media campaigns for non-profits and arts organizations around Philadelphia.

A Wilmington, DE native & long time lover and explorer of Philly, he's been living and working here – his favorite city – for over 4 years. When he's not crafting pretty press kits or witty tweets, he's playing guitar, hiking, reading, or tending to his terrifyingly large succulent collection. 

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